What's nimtu?

nimtu finds the cheapest airline tickets and holiday deals, the most awesome error fares and the craziest price glitches for you based on your personal preferences. We are like your own exclusive travel agent that keeps an eye on the web for any amazing prices for holidays to the places where you want to go and when you want to.

We aggregate data from hundreds of different sources out there in a single site so you don’t have to keep checking 20 different sites when planning your next holidays.

With nimtu you do not need to be constantly checking pricing to see if there is going to be cheaper to fly this week or that week, or if maybe the airport closeby is much cheaper. You just tell us when you want to travel and where and we will start scouring the Internet for you and let you know as soon as we find an amazing deal.

How does it work?

Intrigued? You want to know how it works? It is really simple in fact and will change how you search your holiday deals forever!

  1. Tell us where you’d like to travel to

    This can be based on either a specific city, a country or region or even a theme as places to go skiing! If you are a hardcore traveller and destination is not an issue you can also just go for anywhere.

  2. Let us know what dates you can go on holidays

    July? Weekends? Are you a digital nomad and you can travel at any time? Just let us know and we will do the rest.

  3. Relax and let us find the best deals for you

    Now just keep doing what you enjoy the most and as soon as we have a great deal we will ping you.

Our story

nimtu is based on the foundations of hacktheflight.net, our previous project, which is still up and running but did have some limitations. With nimtu we’ve tried to address most of the issues that users have mentioned with hacktheflight as well as fixing some things we, as users, felt were not right.

Some of those improvements:

  • The user interface and user experience is much better than before
  • As a user, you create a profile with your preferred departure airport, destinations you are interested in (can be cities, regions or even based on activities like skiing)
  • We are mobile first now and we have a webapp you can install on your phone
  • Information is better structured than before which will allow us to add more filters in the future
  • Notifications work on web and mobile and should be more meaningful
  • We keep growing in number of deals

Wright Flyer - we also had to learn how to fly

If you’d like to know more about hacktheflight, the project that started it all, you can check the post on flyertalk about it here